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Tshibambe wins an Award for Best Role Model

Written By Ally Mahmoud Tagged As AWARD

Tshibambe Nathanael Tshimbombu, CEO of Bonsomi Healthcare Foundation and medical student at Dartmouth school of medicine has been awarded the trophy of Best Role Model for the Congolese Youth. This merit is due to the devotion, diligence, genuineness and objectivity Tshibambe has shown in his field of healthcare. To this must be added its proven contribution to the well-being of the Congolese society. Tshibambe’s leadership skills has allowed him to design and implement initiatives to foster a vibrant, healthy, and prosperous Africa through philanthropy. As a CEO of AAHA, he has taken on critical medical issues in Africa including Ebola and women’s health issues stemming from mistreatment and rape. His compassion and dedication to help those in need has always been his priority, and to date, he has remained dedicated despite the workload in medical school. The work and role model spirit of this young philanthropist have impacted several lives. All these aspects taken into consideration make Tshibambe a model for the Congolese youth. And so, through the hands of a member of the Democratic Republic of Congo parliament, representative Christelle Vuanga, the Maxy-agency company awarded The Congo Kin-Malebo Trophies to Tshibambe as an encouragement to continue his work in an ever more conscientious way.