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Book Drive

Written By Ally Mahmoud Tagged As Book Drive

The Book Drive’s initiative consisted of donating books and advising kids from kindergarten to fifth grade to encourage them to become readers and comprehend the importance of committing to and completing an academic pathway. Such an activity ensued from Bonsomi desire to improve the reading skills and vocabulary of these young, talented, and determined kids who live in Clarkston, a city in the state of Georgia that is most known for crime and juvenal delinquency. The sad condition of that environment gives youngsters within that community a disadvantage because they are always referred to as delinquents and thugs, but in our eyes, they are intelligent kids who need role models. Thus, to help them improve the image of the community, Bonsomi advised them to be dedicated and to remain determined in their studies every step of the way so that they can take up the torch and lead the process of change in the future. Bonsomi believes that these talented kids are the hope and the future of their community. If they succeed in their studies, the community will improve.