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All Against HIV

Written By Ally Mahmoud Tagged As END HIV

Bonsomi, led by his CEO, designed a project to express solidarity towards children infected with HIV. For the project, a generous donation was made to Nyumbani Children’s home, a refuge for children affected with HIV. “Nyumbani provides life-saving care and a loving home to more than 120 HIV-positive children in Kenya. Ages newborn to 23, the children live at Nyumbani Children’s Home until they are healthy and self-reliant.” ( The main goal of this project was to express our humanity to those infected with HIV, and to remind the world that we should fight alongside them. A world without HIV/AIDS requires mankind to deeply understand that any effort to control HIV/AIDS must transcend geographic borders and must cover the full spectrum of prevention, detection, treatment, and most importantly community-based support for all. The later hasn’t been fully utilized around the world because there is still a lot of stigma and discrimination towards those living with HIV/AIDS. Therefore, Bonsomi believes that instead of emphasizing only on prevention and treatment, we should all spend time educating others about the impact of discrimination towards those infected with HIV/AIDS. That way, we can reverse all the stigma and prevent any psychological anomaly that can worsen their well-being.